Empower Your Community on Climate Change Solutions

The BrightAction platform makes it easy to help your team or community take simple, everyday actions and make an impact


We Have Solutions!

We have solutions to climate change and everyone can help.  In fact, 40% of US carbon emissions come from 5 basic household activities we do every day.  The great news - we now have affordable solutions for all 5.  By taking everyday actions, together we can make a big impact!


Your Community Cares

Yale research shows two thirds of Americans are worried about climate change and want to help, but don’t know what to do.  Your employees, members or residents care and most would be happy to learn about solutions and actions they can take to help.

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BrightAction makes it easy for everyone to learn about solutions and take action with advanced analytics to create a custom experience tailored to every lifestyle and budget.


We connect your team or community to share and support each other in taking action and track progress to show your impact and celebrate wins!  We work with you to create custom engagement campaigns that fit your unique community and culture.

Why BrightAction

An easy, cost effective way to engage your community and make an impact.


Provide new, innovative programs for members to engage, connect and take meaningful actions.


Complement your current sustainability initiatives, build loyalty and enhance culture.


Engage residents on key household actions to help meet city climate goals.



best in class analytics with localized, customized data for each user to see the true impact and savings from actions.

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that makes it easy to learn about solutions and take action, save money and track progress with personalized recommendations



with built-in features to work in teams, share tips track progress together and celebrate wins

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custom branding, messaging and engagement toolkits with dashboards to track progress at custom defined levels

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We all have the power to take action today

Together we can do this


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